Mrs. INDIA IDENTITY ® - Internal Beauty with Cause and Woman of Substance
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Wish to Optimize Your Life and Be a Role Model for Many others ?

Mrs INDIA - MY IDENTITY is a life changing transformational journey which can make you a truly shining star in life with a positive shift in limiting mindset and beliefs and overall personality enhancement.

This revolutionary pageant does not confine the realms of beauty to that which is visible only to the naked eye but, focuses on recognising all the qualities which contribute to the beauty of a woman.


When Life’s Journey is Full of Challenges, Some women lead the way to enlighten the path for the others following. If you have been a contributor in your life, who has made a difference to another life, society, environment or the world at large in some way, this platform is for you.

At “Mrs. India My Identity”, not only would you get the fame and recognition for your journey in Life, but, you would also be equipped with the necessary skill set to carry on the journey of life more effectively, bringing about a remarkable self-transformation at the core level and enabling you to make an Impactful change in life of others.

Why “Mrs India – My Identity”

Internal beauty, personality and empathy are as important as the external beauty and that is the main foundation of this pageant. We look at beauty holistically and not only from just one angle. India is a land of cultural diversity and here at Mrs. India My Identity, we embrace our disparities and cherish our uniqueness. We believe that external beauty should be a reflection of internal beauty and not a replacement.

Most of our previous contestants are winners in all walks of life and have made exceptional achievements. We have trained thousands of women over years and are happy to harness a drive to bring a positive change in the society.

Ginny Kapoor

Ginny Kapoor is a Mind Set and communication Trainer. She is a certified Mind Set Master Trainer, working on the vastness of the subconscious mind and the possibilities of its impact in reshaping our world.


Ginny Kapoor

Gagandeep Kapoor

Show Director of Vibrant Concepts . An entrepreneur with education In Fashion Designing, he works on conceptualizing the theme, the various rounds and practical execution of the entire event. He heads a team of creative people,


Gagandeep Kapoor


Looking to improve your vision of life

Looking to create Self Identity

Looking to create Improved Self Image

Looking to come in the limelight and become a role model

Looking to become a professional model or become more presentable in life

Looking to become capable for Greater success in professional or personal life

Looking to become more confident in life

Looking to improve State of Mind

Looking to improve the Quality of Life in terms of health, wealth and relationships

Looking to network with likeminded women

Looking to make cherishable life long memories

Looking to get acknowledgment for personal achievements

Looking to Learn ramp walk and overcome stage fear

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  • (Mrs.Universe Arabasia)

This the most remarkable and life changing journey. I value the support of Ginny & Gagandeep throughout my journey and being my source of motivation even at the International Pageant.


  • (Dance Teacher, Model, & Entrepreneur)

Like every married woman with kids I was hesitant to join and travel for my groomings in New Delhi all the way from South Idia. But, when I met Ginny and Gagan I realised how incorrect was the general belief about North Indians and how much I would have missed, had I not taken the first step. It was an awesome feeling to walk on the Ramp and I have been overwhelmed with the feeling of self-confidence and honour that I got thereafter. Since winning the title, I have been the face for renowned brand of skin care products and sarees besides my own business. I highly recommend this platform, which will help every married woman to not only learn but also discover her self confidence and her own Identity


  • (Homemaker)

I am mother of two daughters and the sense of achievement after walking the ramp under the guidance of Ginny mam and Gagan sir has been incomparable. I bagged the title Mrs Punjaban International First Runner Up, but more than that I discovered My own Identity, so I highly recommend the unique pageant Mrs. INDIA My Identity


  • (Doctor)

At 48 I still had a dream to participate in a beauty pageant. I got encourgament from Ginny kapoor to value my inner beauty and walk the ramp. I learned stage presence, ramp walk, facing the camera at this age. They helped me become reassured that age is just a number and anything is possible. I got immense appreciation from my family and friends and a sense of self achievement to cherish forever. I highly recommend Mrs. INDIA My Identity to the women of all age groups to fulfil their dream of seeing themselves walk the ramp.


  • (Dentist & Style Icon)

Every professional woman, needs a break from the mundane life. Married women should take a chance in life and not think marriage as a barrier. Mrs INDIA My Identity is the First Step towards this beautiful journey.


  • (Model)

I have been wandering in search of a purpose for a long time . But, since I walked the ramp and faced the camera in the guidance of Ginny and gagan, I have seen an upsurge in my self- confidence and a sense of worthiness from everyone around. One must move forward with courage to learn and grow and eventually become a role model


  • (Doctor & Lawyer)

Self-confidence can make a woman outstanding. So has my journey been under the guidance of my mentors Ginny & Gagandeep, who have helped me steer my life with new beliefs and energy


  • (Renowned MUA)

As makeup artist by passion, I have travelled the world for my work in various albums and movies. Little did I think of embarking this glorious journey, before I was groomed by Ginny Kapoor & Gagan. It was a remarkable experience, which helped me evolve out of my stage fear and become more confident in my life. I have been able to take up opportunities with more courage.


  • (International Model & Choreographer)

I had been a simple techno girl with a dream. As soon as I realised and worked on my own potential, the world of opportunities opened for me. I have done multiple print shoots, walked the ramp and also worked in a TVC as an international model. All of this came true since I took my first step to start my journey with Ginny Kapoor & Gagandeep Kapoor.

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