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This platform is unique as you would come across a life changing transformation. We provide the most practical trainings and groomings, where you learn how to practically enable a change and be a new person.

  • Areas to be covered – Positive Mind Training
  • Analyse & optimize Your Life
  • Become a Change Maker
  • How to be The Person You always wanted to Become
  • How to Overcome Shortcomings and Limitations
  • Deal with Anxiety & Depression
  • How to Overcome any Phobia or Guilt
  • How to Live a Happy Inspiring Life
  • A meeting with Self – How to love your own self
  • How to feel Great and be a peak performer in all situations of life
  • How to improve your relationships
  • How to train the sub-conscious Mind to become a achiever in every aspect of life
  • How to become a role model for your family and kids
  • Stage Presence & Overcoming Stage Fear
  • Choreography- Ramp Walk
  • How to be more presentable
  • How to improve sales/ meet targets/ achieve targets
  • How to Improve Your Equation with Wealth
  • Regain Your Self Confidence
  • Learn Self-Healing Pains – Physical & Emotional
  • Learn about Your Wellness
  • Learn about Goal Setting & Prioritising
  • Divine Light Meditation
  • Yoga or Fitness Session
  • Makeup/Skin care Workshop for Self Care
  • Portfolio Shoots
  • Face The Camera
  • Award Night recognizing Contribution to society/country/humanity/universe
  • Showcase of Talent
  • A City Tour of the Heritage City Jaipur
  • Making of Cherishable Take Home Memories
  • A Grand Finale Spotlight –  A Once in a Lifetime Stage Experience
  • An opportunity to be in the Lime Light and get a chance to be covered by Media

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