A woman is known as the treasure of India and considered as Nation Pride, she is the one who struggles most in her lifetime to achieve her goals. Mrs. India My Identity is a national pageant which helps them to boost up their courage and let their own dreams to come true. They also have complete right of getting respect, fly high and awards for her intelligence and bravery.

This contest is especially held for the married woman who is unable to live her own life due to the responsibilities of husband, in-laws, parents, children and other household chores, this platform gives them a track to become the next enlighten bright star of the country, a woman who is laced with talent, compassion, beauty and intelligence.

A woman of India in her lifetime plays many roles which are very crucial and has many indispensable responsibilities. The most important roles among them are of a mother and wife. A mother who bears her child and has the tendency to fight with everyone for the future and safety of her child at this instance she is the best and strong among all women achievers while as a wife she protects the dignity of her husband, protect him from all evil eyes and stand beside in his success. The contribution of a woman is unappreciated and it is the right time to help women get their own identity and help them to cross all hurdles and start living for her own self too.

With a great change in the world the Indian women, are also rising in the field of Entrepreneurship who run a Business, operate it, take all risks and handle the problems wisely. She is not lagging behind men anymore as a beauty with purpose can also run a successful business with her wisdom. Mrs. India My Identity is a contest which is running successfully all over the nation and working for the welfare of those women who are still pressurized under the load of circumstances but wants to fly high and achieve their own goals.

Mrs. India Pageant is unique kind of platforms for the married women who are successful in their lives and has the power of representing India with her elegance, self-confidence, charm, and honor. The participants of the contest are known as the hallmark of India with the symbol of not just beauty but success and wisdom also.

All titleholders of Mrs. India My identity are known nationally with their own recognized image in the country. Our team not only selects the powerful spirited contestants amongst all but we also help all participants to break their own self-limiting beliefs and fears by mentoring them to boost their self-confidence and equip them with a new mind set and adequate training to take charge of life.

The contestants get a chance to represent their tradition and culture, thoughts and expression at the National Level Platform

To be a participant a woman is not necessarily required to be beautiful by her outer appearance but it is needed have the inner beauty which is hidden inside and which needs recognition and praise.